Earthquake Proof Buildings

Year 3 are now very knowledgeable about tectonic plates and the earthquakes they can sometimes create. Seeing some of the devastation that occurs from these natural disasters, pupils were encouraged to know that it was possible to design around these unpredictable life altering events. Pupils learnt about strength in structures and some of the interesting innovations designers have come up with to avoid the effects of such disasters. We decided to try some of these approaches out and experiment with new concepts of our own.

Pupils were given this design brief:

Design and build a structure that can hold 100grams 30cm up in the air without toppling over for at least 10 seconds on the earthquake rig. You are limited to the materials on the front desk and a budget of just £10.

The class set the material Costs at:

Making Tape roll £4
Card Strip £2
Art Straws 20p each
String £1 per metre

Pupils then designed a range of ideas before developing their favourite and costing it out to buy their materials. Most pupils had to make some hard choices and some even had the business sense to attempt negotiating at the point of purchase!

Pupils loved the construction process and loved the testing afterwards. Pupils worked well in their groups and cheered on the testing of each other’s work on the earthquake simulator.

All in all, a great day’s learning experience for all abilities. Well done Year 3!


Wagamama Trip

At the end of last term Year 3 were fortunate enough to be invited to Wagamamas! They enjoyed learning about units of weight and the different ingredients that make up their dishes. They even enjoyed a little sample